We have created a new logo and URL for customers with bike races and bike trips – BikeSignUp.com. This means that races will have a nice URL (BikeSignUp.com/MyBikeRace) and a logo that has two wheels :-).

Any race that is designated as a Bike Race or Bike Trip in the Race Creation Wizard will be listed in the BikeSignUp.com search page – https://www.bikesignup.com/Races.

All races (bike, run, walk, tri, etc.) are actually listed on both RunSignUp.com and BikeSignUp.com. And Race Directors will be able to see all of their races from either Dashboard. For example BikeSignUp.com/BuffaloBikeandRun and RunSignUp.com/BuffaloBikeandRun are live, but the URL and header image is different for each website.

This meets a request from a number of bike races and trips that wanted a bike oriented website.